Brought to you from the
House at the Far Edge of Creativity
Hairless Dog Productions
Click on the picture to view the animation and download it.
Pincher the Parrot A flying Amazon, suitable for bird fanciers or Jimmy Buffet fans!
Khan the Cockatoo  A terrible 'Too!
Binky the  Bunny Bunny is easily amused.
Camo the Chameleon  Get all the bugs off your screen!
Tuna Jig 
The lure, not the dance!
Tug o' War Robins   A  worm in the beak is worth two in the ground!
What up with this? Well, I was a video game animator for three years,
and I'm still using Deluxe Paint II, a DOS based application that was
developed by Electronic Arts for their video game artists. Still the best!
If you want to see what I'm up to lately, go to Codehammer's web page
and download the Cupid Stunt animations. These are free animated greetings,
but don't try these stunts at home!