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Links We Like or Created

Download the 4th of July Cupid Stunt, my latest work.
Seaforth Sportfishing
Created by Bwarr, this is our favourite landing, Seaforth is the place to go. Info, fish count, and a guide to San Diego gamefish makes this an excellent website for anglers!
San Diego Oceans Foundation
Created in Front Page, this site contains information and links relating to our oceans and bays.
Airheads Beemer Club
A site dedicated to fans of BMW Boxer Twins, this site features a calendar of events, tech information, pictures, and much more! Aircooled Beemers Only!
Ugly Lamp Contest
Everyone has seen an ugly lamp! This site features a lineup of the ugliest lamps in existance. Vote for your least favourite, or read the hilarious comments from around the world! Highly recommended.

Welcome to the Hairless Dog Productions website!

Created by cartoonist/writer/animator Bwarr, this site is for amusement purposes only. Herein you will find comix, horror stories, and the DIGIBABIES free animated .GIFs.

Bwarr is a former master falconer, raptor rehab expert, red belt in Tang Soo Do karate, hang glider pilot/instructor, Army linguist, trailer trash dweller, boat owner, motorcycle messenger, video game animator, and singer in punk rock bands you never heard of.

Current interests include the Airheads Beemer Club (1979 R65), Vietnamese language, and blue-water sport fishing.

So you want to be an artist? Before you sign up as an art major, read this rant regarding the pitfalls of artistic endeavor!

san diego, CA
United States